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HITE Hedge arbitrages energy securities throughout the carbon value chain

  • Royalty interests, exploration and production, processing, transportation, services, refining, energy retail, energy-related industrials, cyclicals, materials
  • Utilities
  • New energy, focusing on those companies with ratable cash flows

Team has decades of energy experience

  • Core team has been together at HITE for over a decade
  • Insights and access across industries through 18 years of operating as an independent fund
  • Extensive history with management teams and the companies they lead
  • We have traded real money in the market continuously from 2004 to the present – this includes the period of US production decline (until 2007), the fracking boom, the Great Financial Crisis, the fracking bust, OPEC’s 2014 decision to drop prices, the integration of Russia into OPEC, the rise of ESG, the beginning of carbon markets, the COVID collapse including negative oil prices, the great reopening trade, the emergence of inflation, and the war in Ukraine

Systematic process fueled with deep judgment

  • Highly data-intensive processes with hundreds of models and proprietary data sets
  • Systematic approach to both strategies produces a consistent, repeatable process
  • Decades of experience lead to edge through judgement

18 years of audited financial statements

  • Managed as an independent business throughout
  • No carveouts
  • No backtests
  • Continuous track record through energy cycles


Unique intersection of depth of experience with depth of data analytics

With a track record of over 18 years, our entire focus is on energy. No distractions.

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